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Most Village facilities are closed to the public until further notice, and some non-essential services are currently unavailable or reduced. Report emergencies to 911. More...

Stay at home to help fight COVID-19

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What the Governor’s ‘Stay at Home’ order means for residents & businesses

Please note: This information is based on the most recent communications from the State of Illinois, and is subject to change pending new developments.

See the State's FAQs about the Stay at Home Order 

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Statewide Stay at Home order effective through May 29, 2020

Governor J.B. Pritzker has issued a statewide ‘Stay at Home’ order. This order is effective through May 29, 2020. Stay at Home means finding a safe place indoors and staying there unless you need to leave for critical or essential services or supplies. The Village of Hoffman Estates offers the following tips for community members to understand what the Stay at Home order means for everyday life. View the Governor's Stay at Home orders here.

The Stay at Home order is a public health measure that is intended to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19, slowing the spread of the infection and allowing health systems additional time to prepare.

During this time, please remember to be a good neighbor. If you have elderly or high-risk neighbors, check on their safety. Share groceries and supplies if there is a need.

How does the Stay at Home order impact our community?

While the COVID-19 pandemic is a new challenge for our community, the Village’s focus on public safety and year-round emergency planning protocols means that we are prepared to respond. Since the Illinois Governor has ordered all Illinois residents to Stay at Home, the Village has made a number of adjustments to our services and staffing to allow flexibility and ensure we have the ability to continue delivering critical services.

Our Police, Fire and Public Works departments (including water/sewer) are prepared to assist the community. All Village facilities, except for the Police Department, remain closed to the public until further notice. Visits to the Police Department should be limited as much as possible, and the department is responding to non-emergency calls by phone to limit public contact and keep our officers healthy. Call 847-781-2800 to reach the Police Department for non-emergency concerns.

For emergencies, please call 911.

If there is an influx of 911 calls, calls will be prioritized based on the level of urgency/emergency. The Fire and Police departments have continuity of service plans ready to implement should staffing levels change to ensure the health and safety of the community.

Some non-emergency Village services remain available.

While our buildings are closed, Village employees continue to provide essential services. During this closure, the public is strongly encouraged to utilize the Village’s online bill payment and other functions, as well as the drop boxes located at Village Hall (1900 Hassell Road), the Police Department (411 W. Higgins Road), Fire Station 23 (1300 Westbury Drive) and Fire Station 24 (5775 Beacon Point Drive).

The following Village services are available via online, telephone, email or drop box transactions. Please call with questions or for more specific guidance.

  • Real estate transfer stamps: call 847-882-9100
  • Water bill payments: call 847-882-9100
  • Building permits: call 847-781-2631
  • Building inspection scheduling: call 847-781-2631

Business licensing and liquor licensing remain available on an appointment-only basis through the Village Clerk’s office. Call 847-781-2625 to schedule.

What is the function of the Illinois National Guard?

There are rumors that the Illinois National Guard was called up by the Illinois Governor to enforce a quarantine. This is not true. Troops that have been activated will assist with screening for COVID-19 and other medical and emergency response missions. Learn more here.

Hoffman Estates Police response to Stay at Home order.

Police will be out in the community, but the Stay at Home order does not mean they will arrest people if they are not in their homes. The role of our Police Department is to maintain the public peace. Community members can still make trips to obtain essential services or take walks or bike rides in the community, as long as social distance is maintained. The Police Department will be reminding residents not to congregate in parks and public spaces in violation of the Stay at Home order. As noted below, all park facilities, courts and playgrounds are closed.

Certain services for residents could be suspended.

At this time, residential refuse pickup will continue on the normal schedule; however, pickup of bulk items and white goods is suspended through May 11, and items must be enclosed in approved containers or bags. The Village’s textile recycling program through Simple Recycling is suspended until further notice. Community members can sign up for the Village’s eNews service to receive updates.

Essential services are still available.

Due to the Stay at Home order, many businesses are closed or only offering curbside pickup or delivery. However, businesses that provide “essential services,” including grocery and drug stores, health care providers, gas stations, hardware stores, banks, restaurants providing pickup & delivery, and a number of other categories, are permitted to remain open. Residents are welcome to visit these businesses as needed. Restaurant inspections continue. View the Governor’s Executive Orders to see a full listing of “essential service” businesses.

Can I still go outside?

Outdoor exercise is considered an “essential activity” and is allowed. Travel to and from is also permitted. Please feel free to walk, run or bike...just make sure to observe social distancing protocols.

Hoffman Estates Park District facilities, playgrounds, sports courts and dog parks are closed. However, park trails remain open. The Park District has provided the following user guidelines:

  • Refrain from using parks or trails if exhibiting symptoms of illness.
  • Follow CDC guidance on personal hygiene after, prior to and during use of parks or trails.
  • While on trails, warn other users of your presence and step aside to let others pass.
  • Observe CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of 6 feet from other individuals at all times. If this is not possible, users should find an alternate location or depart that space.