Green Buildings

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This page is meant to provide information about the Village's green buildings, help to those who are interested in building a sustainable structure, and give strategies for making existing buildings more efficient. Through each of these efforts, the Village of Hoffman Estates will continue to evolve into a more innovative, eco-conscious community.

Green Buildings
A "green" building generally means that it is energy efficient and/or made from sustainable materials. 

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) uses a third party rating system, called Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) to determine the level of sustainablity and efficiency of a building, the development location, and its surroundings.  This system is used to recognize private and public buildings who apply for this program, as either LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  These days, LEED is an internationally recognized standard measurement tool for energy efficient design and construction.  The Village does not currently have a requirement to construct new buildings to LEED standards.  To learn more about the LEED program, click HERE to visit the USGBC website.

Several community businesses have chosen to build green in Hoffman Estates. To learn more about these businesses and get the latest development news, click HERE.  

Police station still under constructionVillage LEED and Green Buildings
The Village has recently renovated and constructed several Village facilities with elements of "Green" design.  The Village worked with the USGBC to certify the newly re-located Fire Station 24 and Police Department as LEED Gold buildings. Fire station 24 ExteriorBoth buildings use efficient fixtures for water, lighting, heating and cooling, and other building systems.  The Police Building features a green roof to decrease the energy used to heat and cool the building. Fire Station 24 and the new Police Building were constructed using Village Bonds.  Village staff pursued additional grant funding to supplement the construction bonds.    

The Village Hall (1900 Hassell Road) was rennovated to include motion sensors, efficent lighting and communications systems, low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints, furniture, and flooring.  In order to certify the building as a LEED building, additional measures would need to be taken, and none are planned at this time.   

Greening an Existing Building
Existing buildings can benefit from improvements that will make them more efficient. Click on the links below for programs and resources to help you "green" your home or business.