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Water Tower Painting

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Village of Hoffman Estates Infrastructure

Improvement Project – Water Tower Painting

The Village of Hoffman Estates will be painting two water towers located at 2150 Stonington Avenue and 3990 Huntington Boulevard. Both towers are part of the critical infrastructure of the community’s water distribution system and both have been scheduled for repainting and miscellaneous maintenance work in 2020 as summarized below:

For the Stonington Tower:

High pressure cleaning and repaint of the tower’s exterior with a similar aluminum alkyd paint. Abrasive blasting and re-coating of the tower interior, and miscellaneous minor repairs.

For the Huntington Tower:

Abrasive blasting of the tower exterior within a containment system and re-coat with a polyurethane coating, and miscellaneous minor repairs.

The current project budget is a total of $721,145. Over 95% of the funding for this project was provided by a low interest loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP). The PWSLP is funded by both State of Illinois and federal sources.

Regularly painting water towers, as part of an infrastructure maintenance program, prolongs the life of the towers by helping to prevent corrosion and problems caused by weather, coating degradation, and other external elements. For more information please contact the Village’s Public Works Department 847-490-6800.