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Sanitary Sewer
Storm Sewer
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  Flooding? Sewer Blockage?
If you are experiencing flooding or a sewer blockage call the
Public Works Department at (847) 490-6800.
If the event occurs before or after hours, please contact the Police Department (847) 882-1818.

(Public Works is open - Monday – Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Sanitary Sewer

The Village’s Sanitary Sewer Division’s responsibilities include preventative maintenance and repairs of one hundred eighty‐seven (187) miles of sanitary sewer mains, over five thousand two hundred (5,200) manholes, and sixteen (16) sanitary lift stations. Other maintenance activities include routine televising, flushing, root cutting, and the maintenance and repair of pumps, motors and electrical components.

Storm Sewer
The Storm Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Village owned storm sewer infrastructure and storm drainage ways. The Village currently maintains 224 miles of storm sewer pipe ranging between four and seventy‐two inches in diameter, over sixty (60) miles of creek lines, four thousand one hundred (4,100) catch‐basins, one thousand one hundred (1,100) outlets, and six thousand five hundred (6,479) street inlets. Monthly inspections are performed on all Village drainage ways and lake/pond outfall pipes to reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rain events.

Water Division
The Water Division’s responsibilities include the supply, distribution, and quality assurance of water within the Village, and complying with all Federal and State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards. Water infrastructure includes seven (7) elevated towers, four (4) reservoirs, two (2) high service pumping stations, two (2) booster stations, seven (7) emergency supply wells, three thousand (3,040) fire hydrants, two hundred forty (240) miles of water main, three thousand three hundred (3,300) valves, and over fifteen thousand (15,000) water meters.

For questions about your water usage, bill amount, or final water bill, please call Water Billing at (847) 843-4824, or email utility.billing@hoffmanestates.org .

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Creek Maintenance Program
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Public Works Department - (847) 490-6800 - PublicWorks@HoffmanEstates.org