Sanitary Sewer

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The Village’s Sanitary Sewer Division’s responsibilities include preventative maintenance and repairs of one hundred eighty‐seven (187) miles of sanitary sewer mains, over five thousand two hundred (5,200) manholes, and sixteen (16) sanitary lift stations. Other maintenance activities include routine televising, flushing, root cutting, and the maintenance and repair of pumps, motors and electrical components.

Flooding? Sewer Blockage?
If you are experiencing flooding or a sewer blockage call the
Public Works Department at (847) 490-6800.
If the event occurs before or after hours, please contact the Police Department (847) 882-1818.

(Public Works is open - Monday – Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)


Selected 2017 Accomplishments

  • Installed fifteen (15) standard manholes to replace lamp holes for system maintenance control and access.
  •  Coordinated contract rehabilitation of ten (10) manholes and twenty thousand (20,000) feet of sanitary sewer main by cured in‐place pipe (CIPP) lining.
  • Flushed and cleaned over one hundred thousand (100,000) feet of sanitary sewer main line, conducted root cutting on over twenty thousand (20,000) feet of pipe, and inspected over two hundred (200) manholes per National Association of Sewer Service Companies’ (NASSCO).

Homeowners are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of their sewer service line beginning at the house and up to where it connects with the Village sewer main. If you are experiencing a sewer blockage, please contact the Public Works Department.

Public Works Department - (847) 490-6800 -