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Inside A Squad Car

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Ever wonder what's in a police car?

Mobile OfficeRadios

Hoffman Estates Police Officers assigned to the Patrol Division work 12 hour shifts. They often spend the majority of their shift inside a squad so it’s important they have the necessary equipment in their “office.”

Laptop Computer - The computer is hooked up to a wireless modem and can transmit and receive information. When calls are dispatched to the officer through Northwest Central Dispatch all of the necessary information is sent to the officer’s computer. The officer can view all the pertinent information, call history for an address, or get turn-by-turn directions to the scene. Officers can communicate with dispatch and other officers via the computer and they can access almost all of the same programs that are on the computers inside the station. The ability to type reports on the laptop reduces the need for officers to make multiple trips back to the station during their shift. Officers are also able to use the laptop to determine vehicle registration information and drivers license status.

Video Camera – Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a Panasonic Arbitrator digital video recording system. The camera records in full HD quality. Each officer wears a wireless microphone to record audio. The cameras are activated automatically when an officer turns on the overhead lights. The cameras can also be activated manually by pressing a button on the wireless microphone. Videos recorded on the camera system can be used for many different purposes but they are mainly used as evidence in court.

Radar – Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a Kustom Signals brand Raptor radar unit. There are radar antennas mounted in the front and in the rear. Officers can run stationary or moving radar for vehicles traveling the same or opposite directions.

Northwest Central Dispatch Motorola brand Radio - This radio is used for all communications between officers and dispatch in the Village. Police calls for service are taken in Arlington Heights by Northwest Central Dispatch, who then dispatches the calls over the laptop computers as well as the radio. Officers can also use the radio to communicate with other officers, the fire department, and other police or fire agencies dispatched by Northwest Central.

Illinois State Police Emergency (ISPERN) Kenwood brand Radio - This radio is programmed to frequencies that are used by the Illinois State Police. Transmissions made on this radio are heard by numerous area police and sheriff agencies, even if they are not dispatched by Northwest Central Dispatch. Emergency calls such as AMBER alerts, Silver Search alerts, pursuits, and other high priority emergency calls are broadcast on this radio.

Whelen CenCom Sapphire Siren and Light Controller - This is the control panel that activates the overhead emergency lights as well as the siren. Officers can change the tone of the siren or use the buttons to turn different lights on and off. Officers can use the microphone attached to this controller to make announcements over a loudspeaker mounted behind the front grille of the squad.