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Liquor Server Training

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Police: Liquor Server Training

BASSET Logo The purpose of BASSET training is to teach employees that serve or sell alcohol how to properly ask for identification, learn the risks and obligations of serving alcohol and learn techniques for handling intoxicated patrons. The state laws concerning the sale of alcohol is also addressed, as well as the perils employees place on themselves and their establishment if a server fails to properly ask for identification.

 In recent years, BASSET training has become readily available and it is easier than ever to receive quality training either in a structured classroom setting or online.  All employees who sell, deliver or give alcoholic liquor are required to attend an alcohol training program within 30 days of their employment.

 All state-certified BASSET training certificates will be valid for a period of 36 months. It is unlawful for an employee to continue to serve alcohol on an expired certificate, and it is the responsibility of the licensee to have their employees attend training.

The Village of Hoffman Estates Ordinance also requires that each establishment shall notify the Hoffman Estates Police Department of the name of each employee within 72 hours of employment and set an appointment for BASSET training if the employee does not possess a valid certificate.

Copies of BASSET certificates should be mailed to the police department as well as kept at the establishment. If you have any further questions about where to attend BASSET training or need to notify us of a new server, please contact Karen Cardoza at (847) 781-2815 or by email at

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FREE COOK COUNTY BASSET class scheduled announced!

To register for a free Cook County BASSET class, visit the Illinois Liquor Control Commission's website at and click on the "Calendar" tab.  Limit one class per person.  All classes are conducted in English, unless otherwise indicated.