Important Notice:

Temporary hours for Village facilities are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for elderly and vulnerable populations only, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for the general public. Closed Saturday. 


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Technical and Network Support

The Network and Technical Support Division provides network, telecommunication and end-user support and training for 300 users, 260 computers and 13 servers dispersed between nine Village facilities connected through Village-owned fiber optics and licensed band microwave links.

The Division is the central point of contact and escalation for system outages and technical support requests, as well as having responsibilities for operational/technical legacy system support, Village-wide network host communications, security administration and data recovery.

Software and technical support is provided to evaluate, procure, develop or modify software programs to the specified needs of various operating units. Hardware and technical support is provided for Village-wide, remote and local area operating platforms. Networked automation support is available to all Village staff including a trouble call hotline. Centralized computer processing services are provided on all major systems, including system backups and data recovery.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is the hardware, software and data that are used to create and maintain maps. The data is maintained in a database, and is separated into layers. Some of the layers that the Division maintains include utility infrastructure (water network, storm and sanitary sewer networks, fiber optic cable, street signs, etc.), property parcels, road centerlines and water towers. There are many other layers for various features within the Village. Selected layers are combined to produce a map for a specific purpose. An aerial photograph is often used for the background of a map.

Clients for maps in the Village include every department. The Police Department and Emergency Management Agency use large wall maps that allow ready identification of accident and crime locations, as well as disaster and recovery operations. Each Fire Department vehicle carries a detailed map atlas that helps them to get to a fire quickly, and to identify emergency locations, such as numbered school entrances and available fire hydrants. Development Services uses standard and ad hoc maps for planning and zoning issues, and for attracting new businesses to the Village. Public works uses the maps for identifying utility infrastructure components. These various maps are sometimes Intranet-based and sometimes printed.

Business Applications

The Business Applications Division is responsible for application support and data integrity for the PLUS series software suites that are comprised of applications for licensing of businesses, pets and vehicles, permits, code enforcement, inspections, utility billing, as well as cash receipts, fund accounting, human resources, benefits, and payroll. These responsibilities include:

  • Employee training
  • Software customization
  • Report writing and data extraction (business intelligence)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation
  • Compliance (GASB)
  • Liaison between users and the software vendor

The PLUS Series is an enterprise-wide solution that links departments together using a centralized database. With the PLUS Series, users working in either a Windows or web-based environment at the office and in the field have access to real-time data. User-defined interfaces and a flexible database structure allow changes to accommodate growth.

eCommunityPLUS is an automated jurisdiction-wide system that helps the Village manage its development planning, license contractors, issue permits, process inspections and enforce jurisdictional codes. It offers comprehensive features to easily record, process and track all community development activities and information, including any multimedia items, such as construction plans, photographs or correspondence.

eFinancePLUS is an enterprise-wide financial and human resource management system. It is a single integrated system that offers all stakeholders the ability to easily manage or immediately access the summary and detail fiscal or employee information they need, when they need it.


  • Software built with open technologies to be accessible and scalable
  • Quick search features and logically presented data
  • Workflow with integrated web forms to alert staff of actions required


  • Expedites communication with staff using automated e-mails and response interfaces
  • Exchanges information with spreadsheet, e-mail and word-processing applications
  • Provides easy access to information with automated and customized reporting