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Mental Health Services

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Psychotherapy Services

You don't have to make the journey alone. Health and Human Services is here to help.

Health and Human Services' staff of mental health professionals provide psychotherapy to residents in Hoffman Estates. Services are affordable and the first appointment is free.

Our therapists help residents with a variety of issues including stress, sadness, relationship difficulties, family and couple's communication, conflict, and life changes to name a few. Call our department for more information about these services and to set up a free initial intake session.

Types of Psychotherapy Services:

Individual Psychotherapy

Can improve a person's life through decreasing stress, sadness or anger and increasing satisfaction related to work, school, relationships, and life change.

Couples Therapy

Can improve a relationship by giving couples the opportunity to work on relationship difficulties, improve communication skills, and deepen their love and understanding of each other.

Family Therapy

Can improve family relationships and communication by decreasing family conflict, working through change, increasing cooperation, and increasing understanding between family members.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Helps children and adolescents develop new skills and techniques for decreasing stress or sadness related to school, family, friends, and life changes.