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Village Hall remains closed on Saturdays until further notice. 


Many Hoffman Estates restaurants are open! Please click here for a list of restaurants open during COVID-19


In accordance with the state's Restore Illinois Plan, temporary outdoor dining requires Village approval. Please click here for more information.


Hoffman Estates Residential Recycling Programs
The Village offers a variety of programs for recycling household materials, from weekly curbside collection to special events and drop-off options for various recyclable items. These programs include:

Curbside Recycling Program
The Village provides an extensive single-stream recycling program through Groot Industries, Inc. Residents can combine aluminum, glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard into a single recycling toter. Items do not need to be sorted.

See what materials Groot accepts for recycling at

Click here for a printable guide of the chart below (PDF)

Groot Visual Recycling Guide

Recycling Toter Program 

All residences will receive one 65-gallon recycling toter at no extra charge from Groot Industries, Inc. All townhomes and homes currently receiving the senior/hardship rate will receive one 35-gallon recycling toter at no extra charge.

If residents still have old recycling bins (from prior to 2008), they may keep them for home use or set the empty bin next to the new recycling toter on the curbside service day to be picked up and recycled by Groot.

Recycling Toter Program Fast Facts

  • Recycling is picked up on the same day as garbage and yard waste. See schedule 
  • If a resident has solid waste collection service, they also have recycling service at no additional charge. 
  • Recycling toters are green and clearly marked "Recycling Only."
  • Paper, plastic, cans, and bottles do not need to be separated - all items for recycling can be commingled in the carts.
  • The Village suggests marking your house number on the side of your recycling toter
  • To replace a damaged, lost or stolen recycling toter, please contact Groot Industries at 800-244-1977.

Preparing Recyclables

  • PRECYCLE: If you can't recycle or reuse it, avoid buying it in the first place
  • Steel lids from glass jars and bottles can be recycled -- remove before placing in cart
  • Make sure all bottles, cans, and containers are clean and dry, rinse to remove any food contamination
  • Labels do NOT need to be removed from glass, plastic, or metal containers
  • Flatten bulky materials to make more room in the recycling toter
  • Shredded paper should be put in the recycling toter inside a PAPER bag, not plastic.

Recycling DON'Ts:

  • DON'T include plastic bags or plastic film of any kind 
  • DON'T recycle broken glass, incandescent light bulbs, ceramic cups or dishes, mirrors or window panes
  • DON'T put materials with food residue in your recycling toter
  • DON'T contaminate your recyclables with garbage
  • DON'T include styrofoam, which is not recyclable

Recycling Household Items

Visit the SWANCC website for recycling resources and or recycling of all other products not covered under the residential recycling program.

Document Destruction 

Area townships often host document destruction events. Contact your township here.

The Village also hosts an annual recycling and document destruction event on a Saturday in August. The 2019 event is scheduled for Saturday, August 17. Be on the lookout for information about this year's event! Residents may bring up to six banker boxes or paper bags of documents to be shredded in a truck onsite. The service is free to all SWANCC community residents.

See upcoming SWANCC recycling events

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Disposal 

Polystyrene can be disposed of in landfills; however, it is not biodegradable. If you would like to recycle your polystyrene, you must contact a private polystyrene disposal company.