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Ambulance Rates

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Pursuant to Ordinance No. 4514-2015 and most recently updated with Ordinance No. 4664-2018, “The Finance Director of the Village of Hoffman Estates shall bill or cause to be billed to such Patient treated or transported, to the patient’s insurance company, to Medicare, or, if such patient has not attained the age of 18, then to such Patient’s parent or legal guardian, those ambulance fees that may be approved by the Village from time to time for Basic Life Support (BLS) transport, Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport and for Advanced Life Support #2 (ALS #2) transport, and for mileage charges.”

Property taxes are only a portion of the revenue necessary for the Village to provide services such as police, fire, and public works to our residents. If you review your property tax bill, you will see that the Village of Hoffman Estates is one of many governmental entities that levies a property tax on your property.  In fact, you will note that the Village is only about 12% of your entire tax bill (depending on school district, township, park district and other agencies jurisdictional boundary).  Those taxes the Village collect make up about 20% of the total revenue within the budget.

In order to offset the cost for services, such as fire/EMS services, User Fees are charged for specific use of a particular service.  This allows the Village to keep the property taxes lower, which impacts all property owners, and charge the specific individual a fee for the use of a specific service.  In this case, there is an ambulance fee charged for any transportation in a Village ambulance.  There is a resident fee and a non-resident fee for that ambulance service.  Those User Fees go toward funding the Village’s fire/EMS services which property taxes cannot cover alone.


Ambulance Rates, Effective July 2018:



 Flat Rate  $1,250  $1,500


 $8.32  $10.92