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Computer Purchase and Loan Program

Information Packet          CPAL Form

CPAL Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum loan amount? It’s $2000. You can spend more, but that additional
amount cannot be covered by the loan.

What is the maximum loan term? Up to three years, or 78 pay periods.

What is the total amount of money available for the CPAL program? The total value of all
outstanding CPAL loans cannot exceed $100,000 as mandated by the Hoffman Estates Village

Can I obtain a loan on a PC that I purchased before I was approved for CPAL? No. In order to be
eligible for CPAL funding, you must first be approved for participation. No retroactive funding will
be provided.

Can peripherals—like a scanner and printer —be eligible for funding? As long as the peripherals
are a part of a PC purchase—meaning they are acquired at the same time as a computer and
monitor—they will be eligible.

I do not have the money to make the initial PC purchase and would like to avoid putting the
item on a credit card. Will the Village provide funds before I purchase a PC?

How long does it take for the repayment to be received? Two to four weeks from the time your
check requisition and purchase receipt are received.

Once I have received authorization to purchase a PC, how long do I have to actually make the
We ask that you buy the PC within 30 days, with 60 days being the maximum. Why?
Because when your loan is approved, funds are encumbered to cover your eventual purchase.
Because CPAL funds are limited and are replenished by your payroll deductions, your quick
purchase ensures that other employees can participate.

What happens if I leave before my loan is repaid? Any funds owed to you by the Village at the
time of employment separation could be used to repay the loan. These funds include, but are not
limited to, money owed for unused vacation time. If the amount owed still exceeds what the
Village owes you, immediate payment will be required.

Are Apple computer models eligible? Yes.

Are laptops, tablets, and digital cameras eligible? Yes.

Are new employees eligible? No. Because accrued time and week‐in‐arrears pay serve as loan
collateral, the CPAL program does not cover new employees (defined as a person with less than 12
months of full‐time employment history with the Village of Hoffman Estates).

Do I need to fully payoff a current loan before I can start a new one? No. You just cannot have
more than $2,000 outstanding in loans. For example, if you have $500 remaining on a previous
loan, you can spend $1,500 on a new loan. No more than a maximum of 3 loans outstanding will
be allowed.

Have more questions? Call the Director of Finance. - ext. 4802 

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