Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

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RTAThe Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) provides oversight of the three regional transit providers: Pace, CTA, Metra.  Some of the projects RTA is working on are highlighted below.

Hoffman Estates Community Planning Grant
The Village received funding through RTA's Community Planning grant program.  The RTA dedicated funds towards the analysis of potential flexible route transit services in the Village.  These "flexible" services are a hybrid of a fixed route service with a dial-a-ride component.  Buses would operate along certain roads, areas, or corridors on an established schedule but could deviate off that route for curbside pickup and dropoffs.  The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of this type of service in several parts of the Village.   Pace's Call and Ride service is one type of a flexible transit service.  Pace is studying implementation of a new Call and Ride to connect with its new Park and Ride facility to be located at Barrington Road and I-90.

Regional Transit Strategic Plan
The RTA is promoting a campaign to increase funding for transportation over the next 30 years in an effort to reduce congestion. Please visit the website for more information.

Trip Planner
A Trip planner is available on the RTA website to help find transit connections for a trip you would like to make.

ADA Paratransit Eligibility
RTA makes the determination if an individual is eligible for ADA service.  Follow the link above to see how to register for this program.