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Western Sub-Area Plan

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The Village recently completed a sub area plan for the western area of Hoffman Estates, north of I-90.  The plan provides conceptual land use scenarios for vacant and potential redevelopment parcels in the study area, including specific ideas for potential mixed use development on the parcels near the Village Green and Sears Centre Arena. 

 This study does not define a specific development plan, but rather presents a framework reflecting realistic market-appropriate development scenarios that blend new and existing uses, communicates a vision that supports Village economic development goals, and considers the potential for residential uses to be added to the study area.

Click the links below for PDF versions of the final plan and supplemental documents:

Hoffman Estates 2019 Western Area Plan - FINAL VERSION

If you have questions about the plan or are interested in discussing development opportunities, please contact:

Peter Gugliotta, Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement
Kevin Kramer, Economic Development Director