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Environmental Health Program

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Public Health

Environmental Health

The purpose of the Environmental Health Program (EHP) is to protect the welfare of the public that the program serves. In this case, a home-rule Village with a population of over 50,000. An EHP helps to protect through a variety of programs that promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce risks associated with communicable disease. The typical duties of an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) include food service inspections, child care center inspections, public pool and spa inspections, tanning establishment inspections, massage therapy inspections, plan review of food service facilities, nuisance investigations, and unsanitary living conditions inspections. While these are the main roles of the EHO, there are many other items that the EHO responds to. For example, questions and complaints regarding radon, lead, mold, tobacco smoke, pest control, west nile virus, and other emerging health issues.

The EHO is the point person and first responder in cases of environmental issues with the Cook County Health Department in a supporting role. The Village and the County work together along with several other agencies (IDPH, FDA, CDC, EPA, etc.) to maintain and improve the well being of the public.

Environmental Health Officer
David Banaszynski, LEHP, REHS
Phone: 847-781-2639

The video below is a quick introduction to the field of Environmental Health.

The video below is a longer, more generalized representation of what we do.