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Platzkonzert Commission Meeting

I. Call to order/roll call

II. Approval of Minutes – December 16, 2019

III. New Business

A. New Commissioners
B. New Co-Liaison
C. Subcommittee Structure

D. Subcommittee Reports – For Discussion
1) Food / Beverage (Yousuf, Jerry)
2) Entertainment (Jerry, Gary)
3) Activities / Contests (Gary)
4) Kinder Platz
5) Marketing (Gayle)
6) Signage (Gayle)
7) Sponsors: Major (Gary, Gayle)
8) Sponsors: Minor
9) Decorations (Gayle, Jerry, Alex, Yousuf)
10) Volunteers (Alex)
11) Merchandise (Gayle)
12) Clean-Up
13) Beer / Tent (Gary)
14) Shuttle (Gayle)
15) Vendors / Booths

E. Budget

E. Site Layout

F. Event Day

IV. Next Meeting Date
March 16, 2020

V. Adjournment