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Platzkonzert Commission Meeting

I. Call to order/roll call

II. Approval of Minutes – December 17, 2018

III. New Business

A. Subcommittee Reports – For Discussion
1) Site layout (All)
2) Food & Beverage
3) Entertainment (Jerry)
4) Activities
5) Budget (Gary, Rachel)
8) Sponsors/Gift Cards (Gary, Gayle, Jim)
9) "To do" list (All)

B. Subcommittee Reports – No Action Required
6) Marketing (Gayle, Jenn, Ryan)
7) Signage (Gayle, Ryan)
10) Volunteers (Jim, Alex)
11) Shuttle (Gayle)
12) Decorations (Gayle, Jerry, Alex, Ryan)
13) Clean Up
14) Beer Tent (Gary)
16) Contests (Gary, Gayle)

IV. Next Meeting Date

February 25, 2019

V. Adjournment

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