Economic Recovery

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Economic Recovery

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ARRA Grants Final (01/07/13):

Grant Name - (all ARRA grants have been closed) Amount of Award Amount Spent

Community Development Block Grant - Recovery

        $81,078         $81,078
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant
    $515,100     $515,100
Local Energy Assurance Planning Grant (LEAP)



Communities Putting Prevention to Work Grant (CPPW)



­U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development - Community Development Block Grant – Recovery (CDBG-R)

Under the Recovery Act, the Village of Hoffman Estates received $81,078 in CDBG-R funds. The CDBG-R money funded sidewalk improvements within the Barrington Square neighborhood. This project was completed in Autumn 2009.

To find more information about the annual Village CDBG program, please click HERE. To visit the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development web site click HERE.

­Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

The purpose of the EECBG program is to create and implement strategies to reduce fossil emissions, reduce total energy use, and improve energy efficiency in building, transportation, and other appropriate sectors. The initiation of “green” projects, stimulation of the economy and job creation and retention are also high priorities for the Village.

The Village of Hoffman Estates was allocated $515,100. The Village Board originally approved eight projects which used the grant funds over a period of 36 months. Two amendments were approved for four additional projects. The Village chose projects based upon the return on investment and overall benefit to the community.

For a list of the approved EECBG projects and end of program status, please click HERE.

To visit the United States Department of Energy - Recovery & Reinvestment web site click HERE.

EECBG Project Highlights:


The Village developed a program to provide residential energy assessments. The program began scheduling energy assessment appointments in June 2010. Village staff performs an energy assessment upon request, with the condition that the homeowner implement at least one of the energy saving improvements resulting from the assessment.  Click HERE for additional information about the Residential Energy Assessment Program the June 2010 issue of The Citizen and HERE for the program brochure. This program is still available by request. Call 847-781-2638 to schedule.  


The Village chose to replace the parking lot lighting at the Village Hall and Public Works Center with LED lighting. Installing LED lighting not only saves energy but also will serve as a pilot or showcase example of potential future exterior-lighting projects.

The incandescent lighting around Village Hall has been replaced with LED lighting. The old bulbs used much more energy than LED's, burnt out quickly, and became costly to frequently replace. Installing the LED lighting on the Village Hall is saving approximately 24,090 kilowatt hours annually and reduce time spent replacing bulbs.

An interior lighting project has been completed at the Public Works buildings and at the Village Hall. Replacement of current lighting fixtures with more energy efficient fixtures will save approximately 123,556 kWh and 69.3 metric tons of CO2 annually. Garage lighting was replaced at the Public Works Center as well.


The Village has chosen to improve the recycling effort at public facilities! Look for the new silver-colored containers marked with recycling symbols at Village facilities.  In addition to recycling containers in public spaces, marked recycling containers have been purchased for employee common spaces and a small recycling education program has been initiated. 


The Village Hall roof needed replacement in some areas and overall improved insulation. The  Village utilized a portion of EECBG funds to repair the roof apply an Energy Star roof membrane. The membrane's white surface will help reflect surface heat and keep the building cool. Estimated energy savings is estimated to be approximately 23.2 metric tons of CO2 and 3,709 therms of natural gas each year.


  • Adoption of and improvement of current residential Energy Code programs for residential construction & renovation projects.
  • Installation of an automated building system to improve heating and air ventilation efficiency at the Public Works Vehicle Maintenance facility.
  • Purchase of a hybrid vehicle to replace a public works vehicle retired in 2011.
  • Development of a sustainability plan, focused upon improving efficiencies.   

For tips on ways to save energy and use clean, renewable technologies at home, while driving, and at work click HERE. Information regarding other green projects can be found on our Growing to Greenness web page.  

U.S. Department of Energy - Local Energy Assurance Planning Grant (LEAP)

The Village of Hoffman Estates applied in October 2009 and received $98,556 through the LEAP grant for emergency planning funds. The grant proposal includes a consultant-performed analysis of Village and other public facilities to ensure adequate emergency energy function and supply. From the analysis, an emergency energy plan was created.  Through this process, Village police, fire and emergency services, and public works employees have been trained in new & emerging energy technologies, practices, and procedures. Village businesses will also be periodically provided with educational opportunities and additional resources to prepare and continue community operations in the case of an energy interruption. A guide and webpage specific to energy assurance and the Village's plans can be found HERE.

Click HERE for the Hoffman Estates LEAP Project Management Plan, which provides additional program details.   

Communities Putting Prevention to Work Grant (CPPW)

The Village of Hoffman Estates was awarded $48,000 in CPPW funds in early 2011 from the Cook County Department of Health and $10,000 from the Active Transportation Alliance for the CPPW project. Grant funds were used to install 18 miles of bicycle routes, planned in the 2010 Village Comprehensive Bicycle Plan. Look around your neighborhood for bicycle signage indicating these routes! The grant also supplies funds for technical assistance to develop policies and revise code requirements to help plan for improved transportation facilities around the Village. 

Click HERE to learn more about Hoffman Estates Bicycle and Pedestrian projects and facilities.