The Department’s administration coordinates responses to customer service requests, provides support in areas of payroll, record keeping, accounting, clerical assistance, front counter and phone customer service, and administers budgets for department wide programs, projects and activities.

Administration also maintains databases for fire hydrants, valve vaults, manholes, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, street lights, and parkway trees. Administrative staff also coordinate training and professional development opportunities for Department staff.

Administration interacts with Village residents and businesses, youth groups, schools, and churches to further educate the public about Public Works services. Administration provides direct customer service contact at the Public Works mainline - 847-490-6800. 

The Department works with the Village's Geographical Information System (GIS) technician to collect GPS data and work with specialized software for the production of utility drawings. Mapping updates and infrastructure inquiries both within and outside the organization are included in the design and maintenance of Village utilities.