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The Hoffman Estates Police Department would like to remind our citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious person or vehicle by dialing 9-1-1.

hepd patch 8kDid you know? In Hoffman Estates it is possible to text 911 in case of an emergency when you are unable to make a voice call.  Read more..


Crime Prevention Alert

Due to some recent incidents throughout the suburbs, we wanted to make our residents aware of some things to look for if someone shows up at your door claiming to be a Public Works employee.  Our Public Works employees:

  • Drive vehicles that are easily identifiable as Village vehicles.
  • Wear clothing that displays the Village logo.
  • Will present an official Village identification card upon request.
  • Residents are allowed to observe their work.

If someone comes to your home and they do not have any of these please  DO NOT LET THEM IN!  Call 9-1-1 immediately and an officer will respond to verify their identity.  Please help spread the word and share this information with your elderly family members and neighbors. 


 Car BurglaryRemember to lock your car doors even in your driveway!

Many car burglaries can be crimes of opportunity when items of value are left in plain view such as wallets, purses and electronics. But did you know that most car burglaries occur at night when your vehicle is left unlocked? This allows the bad guy to search through all of your compartments looking for items of value and lose change. The best way to protect yourself is to lock your vehicle and take all items of value out of your vehicle daily. Under no circumstances should you leave your car keys in your vehicle. It does not matter how safe your community is, car burglaries occur everywhere so take some time to ensure you do not become a victim.


 The Hoffman Estates Police Department is now a designated Internet Transaction Exchange location.

Our residents can safely conduct transactions at the Police Department and reduce the risk of internet scams and violent crimes related to internet transactions.  Police personnel will not get involved in transactions unless criminal activity is suspected.  In fact, the Police Department will not be involved in the transactions in any way (i.e. cash exchange or storing of items).  Pleas remember the Hoffman Estates Police Department is a gun free zone and transactions involving weapons are strictly prohibited.  Hazardous materials and large items will not be allowed inside the building.

We strongly encourage our residents to utilize this service.  Any questions please feel free to contact Officer Kruschel (847) 781-2880.

Crime Tips

If you have information regarding a crime occurring within Hoffman Estates and would like to report the information anonymously to the POLICE, text or call (224) 254-0049, send an email, or download the Hoffman Estates Mobile App.  Please relay as much information as possible regarding the crime.  Click here for more information on the Tip Line.